What sets this Three Kingdoms game apart from the rest?

Games about the Three Kingdoms period in China are nothing new to in the gaming community, not just in Asia but also around the world.  Unlike its predecessors, this Three Kingdom RPG strategy game is unique in many ways as compared to its counterparts.  Here are some of the unique features and game concepts that players won’t see in most other existing Three Kingdom games currently:

  • True “Free-To-Play” RPG game – All current Three Kingdom games were designed with the “Pay-To-Win” concept.  The more money the player is willing to spend, the faster they can level up or obtain rare and powerful items and heroes, and the stronger they become.  This game is going to break this concept entirely.  There are mechanics in this game to limit the use of money that causes unfair behaviors against players who don’t spend money.  Of course, this game is not a “non-profit” game by all accounts.  Players can use money to help them catch up to the others, however, money is not the primary factor to excel and win in this game.   In fact, money is not a factor at all here.  The best way to grow and become strong is to understand the game mechanics, play more and be smart while playing. 
  • True strategy game mechanics – there are numerous games that are advertised as “strategy” games, yet they all have very few features that qualify those games as strategy games.  This game introduces the use of real-world strategies and tactics such as Deceive, Provoke, Charge, Ambush, Bribe enemy heroes, Hire external help, Invitation, Forming alliance and Coordinating attacks and defense, and many more.
  • True “Three Kingdoms” heroes concept – Heroes are specific to the country that a player chose when he/she first enters the game.  However, players can capture heroes from the other 2 countries in order to build up their force.
  • Fair play – Unlike all other games where players need to spend certain amount of money before they have the chance to receive a rare item or a rare hero, this game implements a true RNG logic.  Spender or non-spender, everyone has the same chance.
  • Game balance – How many times you have been matched against opponents that are way too OP, and you have absolutely ZERO chance to win?  In this game, matches are based on similar power level.  It’s up to you to affect the outcome of the matches, not the server.
  • Valuable rewards – There are many events that players can earn gold, and there is a new and exciting tournament that players can earn Coins, which can be exchanged for REAL CASH.
  • And many more, such as the ability to change country, change server, exchange resources in the marketplace, etc…

So, get ready, because this Three Kingdoms game is something players have never seen before.  It will be a game changer.